Scholfield Honda - Dishonest Repairs

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I took my Honda Civic to Scholfield Honda after causing damage to the front end of the car, and the business charged an additional $5,000 to my insurance company for repairs that included a new radiator and labor.Afterwards, my car kept overheating, and after contacting the business several times, I was assured that everything had been fixed.

After replacing the fan, water pump, and other components, the engine finally gave out.

The mechanic inquired about the ridiculous amount of silicon that had been expelled from the radiator, and I realized that Scholfield Honda dumped a large amount of silicon into the radiator to "fix" the problem and pocketed the moneys for the new radiator.They left me stranded on the side of the road and ruined by car without any recourse.

Review about: Unfair Repairs.

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